Strays was originally set out to be an experimental work of fiction, though I think I may re-work things a little in hopes of actually getting some regular posting out of myself.

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Pooka and troubadour, theoretical graduate in English, writing poetry, making... stuff, graphic artist and general dreamer.

November 15, 2006

Chester: Still Trying

Somewhere in the midst of the slowly mounting pile of responsibilities in my day to day existence, I keep expecting to find a balance. A way to get enough done to continune progressing, but still stick to those things that keep me sane and make life enjoyable. Of course, any equation that seems to work never works for long. Life is amazingly adept at pulling out the rug, sending things crashing back to the ground, and generally making a nuisance of itself. Oddly enough, I think fate functions as a little sister for anyone who might be lacking in such things, or at the very least helping them get the job done. Perhaps I can convince my own little sister to leave at least a little bit of the work for fate before she gets herself in any more trouble.